The Hirelings

Hirelings Image

Zebadiah (Zeb), the crafty codger:
This isn't Zeb's first dungeon job. Just look at the notches in his staff; there is one for each job he has survived. He knows his way around the "deep dark" but isn't too sure about the other hirelings; they are SUCH whippersnappers!

Maggie Drawers, the overly enthusiastic:
Ms. Drawers is ready for this! OH YEAH! She just KNOWS that after a couple of crawls as a Hireling, she will be picked up by a hero party. If you want something hauled, toted, or schlepped, she is your gal. "LETíS DO THIS!"

Brett Bozeman, the head hireling:
Bozeman has never met a problem he couldn't put his head through. Most of the time he uses it as a battering ram. He also has used it as a hammer, a door stop, and a paper weight (just to mention a few).

Squeak, the diminutive:
Squeak can carry any pack you have! Just lever it for him with that 10' pole so that his feet touch the ground, and he will get moving. No, really he will!

Belladonna Darkdreams (Sally):
Sally only knows that the dark calls to her, and it is her fate to answer. Besides, her Mom said that she needed to make some money this summer if she wanted a new pony(Dark Steed of DOOM).

Seth, the excessively cool:
Well, he's excessively cool in his own mind, at least! Seth is so over this dungeon thing already. He heard that all the cool hirelings are doing inter-plane jobs now. That's what he is going to be doing once he blows this "Lamesville"!